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Class 12






S-block Elements


Entries of Column-I are to be ...

Entries of Column-I are to be matched with entrices of Column-II. Each entry of Column-I may have the matching with one or more than entries of Column-II <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A::B::C::D


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restaurants in this section we need to match commentary to be measured the entrance of the column to column on behalf with one or more entry for column to a given a metal surface on heating gives metal oxide SO2 and O2 on reaction with Ketu PR is going to give you yellow PPT metal + Ammonia going to give blue solution MTL to that is metal chloride salt is going to give you white PPT on reaction with sulphuric acid and the corresponding elements given reaction one by one we are seeing the metal surface which on heating decomposes I'm going to be metal of writing the general for them to general equation is when do they are going to decompose when I write this is going to give a corresponding

oxide responding to software which option is going to match with is going to mat with option barium and magnesium and family go with option B K time reacting with k2pro for over a year which is going to give you a yellow PPT this isn't it to solve Agar barium online not available to take barium corresponding potassium I will be released this was going to be with him that is present in a

metal react with Ammonia so this is going to be alkali metals react with Ammonia to form Ammonia electron and dominated the time right with generally action 10 year Kali metal Hitman 2 X + X + Y mole of liquid Ammonia to generate Kitni part M NH this is going to be the Titanic part donated Titanic part and overhearing electron is going to be ammoniated electronic part and any part of this is ammoniated electron it is going to provide blue colour to the solution that you already know and they are going to be conducting in nature is going to match with alkali metal Sodium and magnesium is basically reacting the chloride should be able to

include both parent react with concentrated H2 S o4 to give corresponding white PPT of the reflective surface will be also that will you also white powder like substance which is the white PPT that is going to be crystalline in nature and disability rights PPT with barium Strontium

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