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Class 12






S-block Elements


Entries of Column-I are to be ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A::B::C::D

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we need to match the entries of column 1 to the column S where the correct options are already mentioned so for the option one yellow flame colour so as we know the alkali and alkaline metal only give colour on heating or to the direct film so the correct option for Yellow flame colour is an a sodium ok because n flame test sodium gives Golden yellow colour

option B most reactive with water in the aqua solution Lithium is most reactive it gives li2o page if we look at the reaction than Lithium + H2O gives alive + H2O ke dress will be the reaction show the correct option for me is Lithium now marking to the correct option for see the option is gives carbide with carbon ok so those metals which produces

carbide are CA mg and Lithium all these compounds when react will give carbide live 48 we have cac2 for MG we have mg ok at set so foresee we have multiple option the sea and now it will look for the deep then the day has a reaction metal nitrate on heating gives metal oxide + NO2 + oxygen to locate this reaction then the nitrate of calcium magnesium and Lithium on heating decomposes to form metal

oxide OK will start with magnesium so mgno32 toys on heating gives MG + 4 NO2 + offseason so the first option for this is D now if it test for lithium so lino3 on heating will give Elite 2 plus NO2 + O2 and now if you balance this reaction to foreign hai

this would be the correct reaction ok so we can also marketers the now if we mark the correct option so for first we have our for a we have our for be behave as ok for we have a p q and a and 40 we have q&as hope you understand the question as well as dancer thanks for watching

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