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Jee Main Revision Test-9 | Jee-2020


Enol content is maximum in...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

` CH _ 3 COCH _ 2 COCH_ 3 ``CH _ 3 COCH_ 2 CONH _ 2 ``CH _ 3 COCH _ 2 COOC _ 2 H _ 5 ` `CH _ 3 CO CH _ 3 `

Solution : <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Due to intramolecular H - bonding enol content is maximum.


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hello everyone I am your teacher for this question and the questionnaires in all content is maximum is you have to choose between these for option that which one has the contents and for that we need to know about kitto group and in all so first of all cryptography kitto group is double bonded oxygen double bonded oxygen and two bonds group now what is in all

group in all group in all group hydroxyl group attached to alkene ETA group double bond oxygen that is C double bond and in all groups is one is a and S is now if we have to change from Chittoor to in all we will do the shifting of Alpha hydrogen that is we will do shifting of Alpha hydrogen of ketone to double bond oxygen by shifting Alpha hydrogen

from kiddo 211 date of season we will change the font in all forms available results double bond now this is the Cheetah group autoform if we need if we have to change the sperm into in all forms of Rebel 2 Rebel shift Alpha hydrogen of 211 days of season has we get richest in all form in Plus all in it and all is now we will see one by one option in all content in all the production first is CH3 ch2 CH3 in this table First row

where is dude double bond now I will change it get of homes in all form by shifting of Alpha hydrogen only and forget and it's been worn over there from this that it can form at least for auto in all forms by using hydrogen on either side it can form for kitten all forms of either sides of the now I will move onto the second option is that second option is CH3 CH3

ch2 ch2 now this is a mind grow and it is clear from this form that there is two possibilities of a staple in all forms by using hydrogen from csv or cannot use a hydrogen from NH to satisfy only took it all in all forms is possible now want to third third is CH3 C double bond see the want of and or CH3 near by shifting of Alpha hydrogen of oxygen it can form 3 kitten all for now we will see the fourth one that is

thetc13 here there is only one carbonyl group it can only two forms by using Alpha hydrogen of CH3 group now it is clear from all these options that the first option can form for you doing all the correct option is the first one that is CH3 ch2 CH3 for this answer your question thank you so much

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