Electronic configurations of Cu(Z=29) is


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hair is a question in which electronic configuration of Copper the atomic number of copper is 29 is option for 1 is to 2 is to 2 p63 S2 EP 63 p642 m39 option second one is 22822 p63 S2 EP 604 es11s 22822 p63 S2 EP 648 246 52 and 53 one and option for this one is 22822 p63 S2 EP 648 246 and 3D pay now we know about what is the atomic number of copper that is 29 electronic configuration of copper that is 182222 36-32-36
3D pen and Furious 1 and we can also write here the total number of electrons is 18 so we can write organ 3D time for S1 and hear in 3D orbital that in our 3D orbital electrons are present in 4s orbital hair only one electron is present orbital is fully filled and orbital is half filled
so this is more stable because 3D cell is fully filled and forest cell is half filled through our correct option is awb number tracking thank you

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