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Class 12






Electro Chemistry



Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`+0.44 V,` yes`-0.44V`, No`+0.44 V`, No`-0.44 V`, yes

Answer : 1
Solution : `Fe^(3+)+e^(-)rarr Fe^(2+)" "(1)E_(1)^(@)=0.77V" "DeltaG_(1)^(@)=-1xxFxx0.77` <br> `Fe^(3+)+3e^(-)rarrFe" "(2)E_(2)^(@)=-0.036V" "DeltaG_(2)^(@)=3xxFxx0.036` <br> `FerarrFe^(2+)+2e^(-)" "(3)E_(3)=DeltaG_(3)^(@)=-2xxFxxE_(3)^(@)` <br> `(1)-(2)=3` <br> `DeltaG_(1)^(@)-DeltaG_(2)^(@)=DeltaG_(3)^(@)` <br> `rArr-Fxx0.77-3F-0.036=-2xFxxE_(3)^(@)" "rArr(0.77xx0.108)=2xxE_(3)^(@)" "rArrE_(3)^(@)~=0.44V Ans.` <br> Disproportionation reaction. <br> `3Fe^(2+)rarrFe+2Fe^(3+)" "(4)` <br> `Fe^(2+)+2e^(-) rarr Fe` <br> `E^(@)=-0.44V" "DeltaG^(@)=-2xxFxx(-0.44)(5)` <br> `Fe^(2+)rarr Fe^(3+)+e^(-)` <br> `E^(@)=-0.77V" "DeltaG^(@)=-1xxFxx(0.77)=+ve" "(6)` <br> `:'DeltaG_(4)^(@)=-2xxFxx(0.44)+2(-1xxFxx(-0.77))=+ve` <br> `:' DeltaG_(4)^(@) gt 0," "rArr` Reaction is not spontaneous. <br> Hence, `Fe^(2+)` is stable to disproportiionation.

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hello everyone in this question it is given standard electrode potential for the reduction of 3 + 2 + 2 is closed 0.77 bol so we can night here in AP 3 class reduces 2 + 2 by the addition of one electron the standard electrode potential is equal to plus 0.77 Bole let it is even not only standard electrode potential for the reduction of 32 ap is -3 0.036 Grand i10 AC class 3 reduces 2 if by the gaining of two electron standard electrode potential

let it to not is equal to minus 0.0 36 volt let this is reaction one and this is reaction to then we have to calculate standard electrode potential for the oxidation of 1 + 2 action 3D if will be converted to a 3 + 2 by the loss of two electrons and here we have to calculate the value of its we know there is not that is change in standard Gibbs free energy is equal to minus and into f into INR the number of electrons

so that the first reaction Dell G1 not will be equal to minus in number of electrons here is one into f into C not given 0.77 similarly density to not will be equal to minus 2 into 2 into minus 0.036 three knot will be equal to minus 2 into into a note and we have to calculate its not see this three actions we can get reaction 3 by subtracting reaction to from reaction one Surya action 1

- reaction Tu Diljit not will be equal to Dell Jivan not - Dell Z2 not let's put all these values Diljit not is equal to minus 2 into f into c 3 not that is equal to minus 1 into f into 0.77 - this - and this - my multiplication in positive so here to into f into 0.036 nearby calculation cricket is not is equal to 0.4 V this is the required answer that is standard electrode potential for

oxidation of AP 28 + 2 then the question is added whether a 3 + 2 is a stable to discover personation in aqueous solution under standard conditions or not we have to check whether a p + 2 stable or not this person is and reactions are those reactions in which oxidation and reduction and rocking simultaneously so here are the disproportionation reaction is a C2 plus oxidizes to F3 plus simultaneously reduced to f to balance the charge multiply AP 2 + 3 and 3 +

Y2 write oxidation and reduction reaction separately here what we will get if two plus plus two electron give AP this is the this is reduction reaction and the Oxidation reaction will be if two plus gives F3 Plus plus one electron this is reaction for this is reaction 5 reaction 6 Aaj we add this to reaction we will get reaction for Diljit for not will be equal to their G5 not plus there's a 6

reaction standard electrode potential in not is equal to see here we have calculated the oxidation potential that is from AP 28 + 2 but here reduction potential is required for the value will be in negative -0.4 bol similarly here in 8.2 negative of even not that is minus 0.77 volt now Dell G5 not will be equal to minus number of electron in reaction 5 is to into f into a notice -0.4 class 10 ch 6 not a number of electron is 11 into air into minus

0.77 Bolt if we will check the value will come a positive one see in the reaction a p 2 + it is safe when it will not received into F3 plus plus that means the reaction should not be spontaneous for the stableness of Fe2 + as here Dev Ji not value comes positive that the reaction is a non spontaneous reaction non spontaneous reaction N2 + will not spontaneously give a 33 Plus and that means AP 2 + HS table F2 Plus is a stable Tu

disproportionation disproportionation so our answer for the first question is gross 0.4 boy and the second one is SAP + 2 is a stable to dispersion and one is our answer thank you

Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this chapter - RESONANCE ENGLISH Class 12 ELECTRO CHEMISTRY

Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - RESONANCE ENGLISH Class 12 CHEMISTRY

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