Each oxy-acid contains at least one X-OH unit (X is non-metal). The H-atom of X-OH unit is ionisable and the number of -OH groups directly attach to non-metal decides the basicity of oxy-acid. <br> Q. Which of the following oxy-acid does not have its peroxy form having two central atoms?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
Solution :
As `HNO_(3)` can not form its pyro oxacid hence its peroxy form having two central atoms is not possible.


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hello 2 din 2 days are question is we have each of the acid contain at least 1 X8 your name is not mental XNX unit is available and the number of directly attached to not decide the ability of A B and C of the following the active does not have IT Park C form have to send them to hear that which does not show C form so here in first option we have H2 S o4 in H2 S o4 we can see that we have centre at since we have fun for as Adam and period 3 days of period number 3

it since it can expand its of date at seaboard will be possible in this compound and the compound will be put into this will not ever since it shows peroxy linkage 3 nitrogen and ease of period number to it has period number to that means it cannot expand it is it cannot expand of this it will show peroxy linkage so this will be our answer lesson 3 the sea in C we have h 3 PO 4 year we have centre at them as phosphoryl since we have Phosphorus central atom which is of the real number 3 that mean it

also expand of The Princess can expand it so that it will have fun playing and the proxy compound bh4 h6t to this will be the feeling you understood the question hour answer thank you

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