Draw the structure of nitrobenzene

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`D.U.` of `(A)` and `(C)=1^(@),` so the answers `(a)` and `(b)` are correct. On hydrogenation, `(+)` compound can give either `(+)` or `( -)` compound. Since `(+)` and `(-)` cannot be determined from the structure, it depends on the nature of compound, so answer `(c)` is also correct. <br> Moreover, on hydrogenation of `(A)` or `(c)`, chiral or asymetric centre has not bee produced, it was already in the compound `(A)` or `(C)`. So the product can either be `( + )` or `( - )` .


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hello everyone should question is saying that draw the structure of nitrobenzene so we have to draw the structure for nitrobenzene to for that is not understand what is nitro benzene to nitrobenzene is an organic compound with having the chemical formula of C6 h5 and to it so it is and water insoluble product or you can save water insoluble yellow soil write it is water insoluble yellow soil within like order and its reasons to give green yellow crystal it is produced on a large scale from benzene as a precursor to have a lean so what we can say we can say that to nitrobenzene it is your when the nitro group A substituted to benzene survey will draw the structure it is something like this thread here we can say that Foster it is Benzene or when it is e6850 phenol and when it is NO2 group is attached to it it so when and how to get a cash to funnel so we can say that it is then actually

benzene and nitro benzene with nitro group is attached to it so this is required answer thank you

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