Draw the shapes of `sp^3 , sp^2 and sp `hybrid orbitals.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Christian brothers tips of SP3 SP2 and SP3 hybrid of Tu as that if in hybrid of letters on Twitter percentage as character increases then I am not ok with it until it becomes bulky and after ok if a

character is percentage P character increase in breast then I am coming hybrid orbital becomes thinner and this is the basic concepts as you can see that there are various type of percentage as director and percentage bi factory in all of them to if the percentage of character increases the hybrid orbital becomes shorter and balki percentage and this will be the

true examples of SP SP2 SP3 then in this case percent of 50% 15% in this case 33.33% and and 6.6 % fee collect in this case 25% director and 75% actress present Air India scheme has maximum percentage of character through this SP hybrid orbital will be shot at balki like in case of SP2

and the percentage P character is increased then the earth hybrid orbital will become thinner and Logan as compared to SP hybrid orbital OK will be after that in case of SP3 as it has higher percentage of the factor that it will be more shorter and more Kanha more longer and more thinner shapes of hybrid orbitals of SP SP2 and SP3

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