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Distinguish by heating the fol...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone we have this question we have distinguished by heating the following in a dry test tube this basically means that we cannot use any other chemicals or any other substance to distinguish between them we have to meet them and distinguish them in the following manner the first we have to heat ammonium chloride letters write nh4cl then we have to heat iodine that is I2 now nh4cl on heating will give NH3 that is a basic gas ammonia and HCL hydrochloric acid which is an acidic gas similarly iodine when heated will give us Iodine vapours no how will you distinguish

between them in case of iodine in case of iodine violet vapour will be visible violet vapours of iodine vapour is visible in case of NH3 and HCL both are colourless gas at least at room temperature they are both colourless so what will happen in the cooler parts of the test tube Gents white fumes will be noticed now this is the way you can distinguish between them by heating

in dry test you that in case of iodine you will see violet papers are visible but in case of a need for the cooler parts of the test tube dense white fumes will be noticed this is your complete answer thank you

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