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Class 11






Organic Chemistry : Some Basic Principles And Techniques


Discuss the mechanism of anti-...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the question is discuss the mechanism of anti markovnikov addition of HBR to ok karie anti markovnikov addition and addition our results in the formation of A B and C are compared to the markovnikov addition in which the most stable carbon cation is it for me ok and on it and my nucleophile get attached on tech carbon where is in this is my attaching on the less stable carbon carbon bicycle anti markovnikov rule and admission takes place under certain cases for example it will take place

the group address Tarika Hai minus I effect ok conditions for the anti markovnikov addition the first condition is compound contains powerful latest for example I have a molecule in the presence of a compound HP support the bone breaking will take place on take place and it may result in the formation of two cations in accordance with the

got it is my tertiary carbon Kadam table it will be in accordance with the markovnikov rule there is we will help the another Kaba ka time which is like this in accordance with the anti markovnikov rule not want to just stability of both it and it is very powerful -5 group increase the density of positive charge on Carbon and its compounds will become less stable and + charge is away from this group so it will be linked to narratively MOD by having the intermediate and has my

- attack over with carbon cation to form the compound de diya h major product of the reaction is thinking is following mechanism for the reaction taking place under light or peroxide that means we are concerned regarding free radical mechanism of reaction reaction always

obaid example I have the compound 441 what happens basically if we treat it with HBR in presence of light what happens basically hpr in the presence of light get it a shape in two vectors A and B are radical ok now PS3 compound this compound on the compound my dear medical

attack and forming an intermediate like this to our this form intermediate that will be compared to what our intermediate intermediate 2B our intermediate the act and has a compound found will be like this

that my my dear nucleophile here supposed to attach over the three degree carbon but here it is attaching to work I hope that I made myself clear and watching have a nice day

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