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Discuss the important properties of interstitial hydrides.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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the question is that discuss the important properties of interstitial hydrides interstitial hydrides are also known as metallic hydrides of interstitial hydrides hydrogen compounds formed by transition metals know this transition metals from 3 4 and 5 and these are the D block elements

metallic hydrides are also formed by all the F block elements it is also formed by chromium in group sex now metallic hydrides are the interstitial hydrides are not formed by grow 7 8 and 9 this is called interstitial hydrides are not formed by group 7 8 and 9 elements and

therefore this is called latest discuss about some characteristics of interstitial hydrides so they are in solid state and they have fuse metals status that light metal compounds they are also good conductor of electricity show a good conductors of electricity thermal capacity

another characteristic of metallic hydrides of the interstitial hydrides decomposed into metal and hydrogen gas when is metallic interstitial hydrides be composed they give respect a metal and along with hydrogen gas is evolved easily reverse shipping show decomposition of metallic hydrides to metal and hydrogen gas is used in Reverse taper properties of metallic hydrides and about all the transition

metals which are metallic hydrides thank you for watching

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