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Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure


Dipole moment of NH_(3) is mor...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : The bond dipole moment `(mu_(1))` of N-H bond in `NH_(3)` is towards N atoms. The resultant of 3 bond dipole moments is in the direction of lone pair which increases the net dipole moment. <br> The bond dipole moment `(mu_(2))` of NF bond in `NF_(3)` is towards F atom. The resultant of 3 bond dipole moments is opposite to the lone pair which decreases the net dipole moment. <br> `NH_(3)` has higher dipole moment than `NF_(3).` <br> <img src="" width="80%">


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students in the given question to answer dipole moment of NH3 is more than that of nf3 explain what is the reason for that lets draw the diagram and fever the electron flow state and decide what is the dipole moment in the right direction we are doing NH3 is going to have pyramidal structure for this is an edge as born and iPhone clone per are present on the top of the pyramidal structure to this is like this now if we see electronegativity the electronegativity of nitrogen is more than that of hydrogen what happens this bond parantu are contributing a dipole moment towards the nitrogen so it will be shown like this dipole moment will be in upward direction that it towards the nitrogen family here also that you are of a dipole moment of the night direction of the type of moment but a few of them with a it's

already in the opposite direction if we see with respect to the diagram so overall the molecule in having a dipole moment in the same direction from net dipole moment in going to be referred to word dipole moment the molecule is going to be having attitude of dipole moment this is the structure if you consider it will be alone 3 flooring now by knowing the electronegativity that fluorine is more electronegative than nitrogen here dipole moment is meant to be towards the protein for here also anabond will be moving the electron towards the following is also dipole moment will be towards the following what happened but on a whole structure dipole moment is going to be also down but so what happened that night full movie is not

in the same direction that's why the dipole moment is going to be less than an S3 the net dipole moment if not in same direction cream direction and nf3 dipole moment will be less than NH3 molecule Sudhir the function we cannot say that it's being exactly cancelling because we don't know the magnitude of this one so we can see some what cancellation will work and net to come out to be lower than and history so that's why dipole moment of NH3 is more than enough 3 solution


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