Dioxygen can be prepared by

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Heating `KClO_(3)`Thermal decomposition of oxides like `Ag_(2) O , Pb_3 O_4` etc Electrolysis of water All of these

Answer :


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dioxygen can be prepared by heating Kaise Rotary thermal decomposition of websites like YouTube pb304 electrolysis of water or all of these rare CD each option 1 my so first option is heating kclo3 latest heating potassium chlorate Sone heating Potassium Chloride in presence of catalyst mno2 it gives us Potassium Chloride KCL and oxygen oxygen reaction on x 23 and able to this reaction we are getting the oxygen of dioxygen here it means that can be prepared by this method option second is thermal decomposition of oxide like

Digital TV 36 thermal decomposition of silver oxide ag2o it will give sir salwar that is easy and oxygen reaction also wear getting the dioxygen so it can be prepared by thermal decomposition of Excise like a g tune pb3 we can also check the thermal decomposition of lead s for that is PB 3 of 4 MS oxide pbo and oxygen Safal be correct option third is electrolysis of water electrolysis of water means when we

pass electric current through water water is H2O and electrolysis of water will produce hydrogen gas and oxygen in this method also we are getting the dioxygen means that can be prepared by all the methods given in the options for option will be appropriate option code and their future is all of these that is definitely paper by all of the given methods option for all of these thank you

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