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Class 11






P-block Group 13 - Boron Family


Diborane, B_(2) H_(6), reacts ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : `B_(2)H_(6) + 6H_(3) O rarr 2H_(3) BO_(3) + 2H_(2)` <br> `{:"1mole" ,"2 mole":}` <br> `27.6 g` <br> `27.6 g` of `B_(2) H_(6)` gives `2 `moles of `H_(3) BO_(3)` <br> :. `1.104 g of B_(2) H_(6)` gives `= (2xx 1.104)/(27.6) = 0.08 mol` <br> Since `0.08 mol` of `H_(3) BO_(3)` is present in `100 mL` (i.e. `0.1 L`), resulting molarity of `H_(3) BO_(3)` solution is <br> `M of H_(3) BO_(3) = (0.08 mol)/(0.1 L) = 0.8 M` <br> Since `H_(3) BO_(3)` is a weak acid, thereore `pH` of weak acid (i.e. `pH_(WA)`) is given by : <br> `pH_(WA) = (1)/(2) (pK_(a) - log C)` <br> =`(1)/(2) (9.1 - log 0.8)` <br> =`(1)/(2) [9.1 - log 0.8)` <br> =`(1)/(2) [9.1 -(0.1)] = 4.6` <br> :. `pH` of `H_(3) BO_(3) = 4.6`. <br> `[(log 0.8=log8xx10^(-1)),(=3 log2-1),(=3xx0.3-1),(=0.9-1),(=-0.1)]`.

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the question is react with water to form boric acid and hydrogen what is the pH of the solution which results when 1.104 G of the 100 ml water assume that A final volume 200 ml and we are given a of hco3 attribute of Boron molecular weight of BTS reaction is b2h 6 which reacts with water to form of acid anhydrous be ok and if we want to balance the reaction that the balance will be like this we have to be have thick and here we have 6

action that one mole of dipole PHP 6 mole of H2 O2 gift monsta X which is equal to 1.104 / molecular mass of typeof in which is 27.6 this value comes out to be point 0 4 and the amount of water is very high which is hundred ml which corresponds to hundred gram of the water will be very high so in this case a dipole in a limiting Reagent and has we can say that the product will be a form in accordance with said I wouldn't we can say that mulesoft orthoboric acid formed will be equal to 2 X the moles of

equal size of 0.04 equal to 0.08 ok and we have won you of solution which is basically 106.1 l so concentration of October it will be equal to simply more / volume it will be equal to mall / volume in l b is equal to 2.8 molar ok now what we have basically we have such kind of reaction 3 reacts with water Rupam this Complex NH places released ok post we have initially she not concentration and BM

none of them vst not one minus Alpha here we have seen not alpha and here we have seen at alpha plus 10 raise to power minus 7 because as also the border into 10 raise to power minus 7 Mulla OK what we can write busy now we can write k a equals to concentration of anion into concentration of h + concentration of h 3 PO 3 ok now what happen is our kg1 which is it intended to 10 8 into 10 raise to power minus 10 equal to be the percentage of the endangered species is not Alpha

this is not alpha + divided by 1 minus alpha and assume Alpha is very less than one so this will be physically one and this will cancel out so I will become 8 into 10 raise to power minus 10 is equal to what is now point 8 basically it will be equal to 4.8 Alpha squire Plus tennis 777 Alpha equation will become point 8 Alpha square plus tennis 777 Alpha minus 8 into 10 ki power minus 10 equal to zero question we get alpha = 2.15 into 10 power minus 5 ok do we have to 10 plus concentration equals to 10 ki power minus

7 plus 3 Alpha C not 0.8 into Alpha Alpha is 3.15 into 10 raise to power it will be equal to minus 5 to from this we can calculate pH pH will be equal to my blog with 10th explain and concentration it will be equal to 4 point the pH of the solution will be 4.6 I hope it myself clear thanks for have a nice day

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - CENGAGE CHEMISTRY ENGLISH Class 11 CHEMISTRY

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