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Class 11






P-block Group 14 - Carbon Family


Diamond and graphite are ……………...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : Allotropes
Solution : Allotropes

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hello hello question arising diamond and graphite are so if you talk about diamond and graphite so they are commonly known as allotrope red hello drops or they are actually allotropes of carbon right thing and even talk about allotropes what is allotrope allotropes I different structural modification of an element that I'm of the element are bonded together in different manner so we can see that a lot of only two different form of an element so we can see that it is different different form of an element at different form of element bonded together in oral cancer in the same physical face the state of metals as solid liquid or gas as of now

so we can say that it is allotropes and in case of for diamond and graphite it so we know that diamond it is having 3D structure and in case of Grey fight fight it is having layered structure and layered structure having hybridization right here it is SP3 and in case of layered SP to the reason diamond is known as hardest material audio Kansas of stands on the earth and whether a bit awkward grefight so it is having sore and sleepy sleepy modifications ride we can say that the correct answer that is diamond and graphite it is actually a lot of carbon street dancer

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