Determine the osmotic pressure of a solution prepared by dissolving 0·025 g of `K_(2)SO_(4)` in 2 litres of water at `25^(@)C`, assuming that `K_(2)SO_(4)` is completely dissociated. <br> `(R=0.0821 " Lit-atm K"^(-1) "mol"^(-1)," mol. wt. of " K_(2)SO_(4)=174"g mol"^(-1))`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
When `K_(2)SO_(4)` is dissolved in water, `K^(+)` and `SO_(4)^(2-)` ions are produced. <br> `K_(2)SO_(4) to 2K^(+)+SO_(4)^(2-)` <br> Total number of ions produced = 3 <br> `:.` Van.t Hoff factor, i = 3 <br> Given, <br> W = 25 mg = 0.025 g <br> V=2L <br> `T=25^(@)C=(25+273)K=298K` <br> Also, we know that, R=0.0821 L atm `K^(-1)"mol"^(-1)` <br> Molar Mass, `M=(2xx39) +(1xx32) +(4xx16)` <br> `=174"g mol"^(-1)` <br> Applying the following relation for osmotic pressure `(pi)`, <br> `pi = "i"(n)/(v) RT` <br> `= i xx (w)/(M)xx (1)/(v) xx RT` <br> `=3xx (0.025)/(174) xx (1)/(2) xx 0.0821 xx 298` <br> `=5.27 xx 10^(-3)` atm


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determine the Osmotic pressure of a solution prepared by dissolving 0.025 Ram aapke to lete lete to give to pay positive Ion so4 to Negative Ion which means that it is going what all is given to you in the person you are giving date of the solute M WP we are considering and WB which is 0.5 which is 32 volume is given to you cool and you're given the temperature

25 degree celsius in kelvin United to be getting 298 K V no that can't 0.08 l ATM k din you have to calculate cos not represented by an equal to is the is the constitution are a number of / volume write it is what it is giving you are considering concentration in terms number of how will you calculate the number of

2025 molar mass of cuso4 is 174 write this will become 0.025 / 174 into volume given to us to you have are in the value given to you 0.0821 and T is given to you right and when you calculated value will come out 5.7 into 10 ^ ATM so the pressure that we calculate is going to

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