Determine the frequency of revolution of an electron in the second Bohr orbit in hydrogen atom


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determine the frequency of revolution of electron in second bohr Orbit in hydrogen atom frequency is given time period upon we are an account that me at 2.5 are talking about NHL the radius is R and n the speed of the electron is equal to
super are a hydrogen atom is equal to be not into set by an item is equal to in order to get by and we agree not electron in the first bohr orbit of hydrogen atom is equal to 2.18 into 10 to the power 6 metre per second and b is equal to are not into
we are not is radius of the first bohr orbit is equal to 3 and now equal to be not into that buy n earn money by 25 into our and are not into any square by that get up to are not in stem and we will get Z Square upon and
latest Discover app not become have not into Z Square by any chance that our pick of revolution of electron is directly proportional to the square of the number of the element and inverse of the electron in which is not equal to 8.18 into 10 power 6 / 2 into or not It is 2.53 into 10 power minus 10 ok
Guntur 2.18 2.1 in 2.53 into 10 raise to power 16.55 second in one attempt to become point 5 5 into 10 raise to power 15 into Z Square Apartment the frequency of hydrogen atom to read and write
Tekken 8 of hydrogen atom have that equal to 1 and equal to AC will be equal to 55 50 square upon this value comes out to be approximately 8.2 into 10 ki power 42nd edition of the determination of the electron in second world war

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