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Structure Of Atom


Determine the following for ...

Determine the following for the fouth shell of an atom . <br> (a) The number of subshells <br> (b) The number of orbitals in each subshell <br> (c) The maximum number of electrons that can be contatined in each subshell


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : (a) The number of subshells is the same as the number used to designate the shell i.e., equal to the value of .n. therefore the ` 4 ^(th)` shell contains four subshells . Subshells increase in energy according to the order s.p.d.f <br> (b ) The subshells in the fourth shell are designated as ` 4s ,4p , 4d and 4f` <br> (c ) the number of orbitals in s,p,d and f subshell contains five orbitals and f- subshells seven seven orbitals <br> (d) Each orbital can contain a maximum of two electrons independent of the type of oritals therefore the 4s- subshell ( one orbital ) can hold a maximum of two electron the 4p - subshell ( three orbitals ) a maximum of 5 electrons and the 4f subshell ( seven orbitals ) a maximum of 14 electrons <br> (e ) the maximum number of electrons that can be contained in the shell is simply the sum of the maximum number of electrons of for each subshell ` 2+6+10+14=32` electrons .


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