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Designate the electrons having the following sets of quantum numbers,
(a) n=2,l=0,m=0,s=+12
(b) n=3,l=1,m=+1,s=+12
(c ) n=l,l=0,m=0,s=12


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(a) The electron is present in 2s orbital and posses a clockwise spin.
(b) The electron is present in 3px, orbital with a clockwise spin.
(c ) The electron is present in 1s orbital and posses an anticlockwise spin.
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hello students we are here to discuss a question based on symmetry and percentage composition question we are given that a natural uranium consists of the three isotopes that is this this one and three isotopes and the ratios are 99.2 74 0.00.00 6 minute to find the average atomic mass of Uranium in order to find the average atomic mass we know that average atomic mass average atomic mass is equal to summation of percentage multiply atomic mass each component
it is submission sign of submission this summation whole / hundred years formula now we have to apply formula to this question and while applying the formula what we get is 99.2 74 multiply 238 plus 0.7 to multiply two 35 + 0.006 multiply 234 whole is divided by hundred now these values are equal to 23 23627 point
212 + 169.2 19.2 + 1.4404 1.4404 / the hundred on total in this what we get is to get is this value is equal to 237 16 old divided by 100 the value comes out to be 230 7.9 gram this is the average this is the average atomic mass of a sample of Uranium given the question thank you

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