Describe the general trends in the following properties of the elements in Groups-13
Oxidation states

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Oxidation states: In the electronic configurations of elements of group-13 they have two electrons in s-type orbital and one electron in p-type orbitals, so total three electrons in outermost orbital, hence it possesses +3 oxidation state.
The oxidation state of boron and aluminium is +3 while Ga, In and Tl have both +1 and +3 oxidation states. As the atomic number is increasing the stability of +3 oxidation state decreases and stability of +1 oxidation state increases because on going down the group as the atomic number is increasing the tendency of s-electron to participate in bond formation decreases which means ns2 electron of Ga, In and Tl remain paired because of intervening of d and f-orbitals.
The screening effect of ns2 orbitals becomes poor and inert pair effect becomes more predominant as atomic number increases and so the ns2 orbital electrons are more strongly attracted towards the nucleus and therefore, it is difficult to remove that electron, so the stability of oxidation state +1 increases and that of +3 oxidation state decreases.

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