Describe the general trends in the following properties of the elements in Groups-13
Ionization enthalpy

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Ionization enthalpy : The order of first ionisation enthalpy for boron group elements is B>Al<Ga>In<Tl.
The first ionisation enthalpy of Al is less than that of B because in Al the new valence shell is added and so the atomic size of Al increases which in turn increases the screening effect in Al that results in decreasing attractive forces towards the nucleus by the outermost orbital electrons. So first ionisation enthalpy is less than that of B, but the first ionisation enthalpy of Ga is little more compared to Al because in Ga the addition of new valence shell and also presence of 3d-orbital, which decreases the screening effect.
This means it does not remain more effective so in Ga the attractive forces of electron towards the nucleus increases and hence, the first ionisation enthalpy is little more.
In the same way Indium possesses 4d orbital, which reduces the magnitude of screening effect and increase in nuclear charge (49 - 31 =18 units) which is over weighing the screening effect towards nucleus by the electron arranged in outermost orbital is less compared to Ga. Hence, the first ionisation enthalpy of Induim is less compared to that of Ga.
Now, the first ionisation enthalpy of TI is higher than that of Induim because in Tl as the nuclear charge increases (81 - 49 = 32 units) and also presence of 4f and 5d-orbitals still the decreases in reactivity of screening effect is over weighed by nuclear charge. As a result force of attraction towards nucleus by the outermost orbital electrons increases. So, the first ionisation enthalpy increases.

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