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Some P-block Elements


Describe the following about B...

Describe the following about Boron family (Group 13) elements : <br> Tendency of hydride formation


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the questions that describe the following about Boron family group 13 elements tendency of hydrate formation the group 13 elements do not read uniform hydrides because they are electron deficient for example Boron forms bh3 this is boring and structure of central atom Boron is central atom and 3 h atoms and bonded to SP2 hybridization SP2 hybridized and we can clearly see that Boron incomplete octet therefore it is not that stable also we know that the electronic configuration of group 13 elements

is of the form and S2 ep1 and they have a m t p orbital show to complete the it boring undergoes dimerization and the formula that was bh6 it is the timing of borane discuss the structure of diamond show in the structure of the I wouldn't be too boring Conclusion and share the hydrogen bonds between each other now this hydrogen bonds that the Boron and this hydrogen bonding with this forum now this type of bonds are known as three centre

lb normally the points which we Study Centre to Electronic Drums for example in boring these three bones are presented two electrons because there are two electrons shared between hydrogen and Boron to Centre two electrons and neutrons are shared between these three atoms Boron hydrogen and Discover and similarity in the bottom electrons are shared between this Poll on this hydrogen hard disk for this type of bonds are known as Centre 2 electrons that wouldn't has three Centre electron bonds and

Tu Centre electronic parts so because of this formation of history Centre two electrons time is a bit more stable that board in because it has a pseudo update and B3 Centre to electron bonds are banana lb outer hydrogen bonds are known as terminal hydrogens and the hydrogen bonds which are present in this three Centre to electrons are known as bridging header was because their acting as a bridge between hydrogen atoms are

bridging hydrogens now this type of Diamonds are also see in aluminium gallium and other 13 group elements form similar hydrides dimerize because of the lack of electrons but this type of dimerization is not seen and compounds like bcl3 example in bcl3 invention also there are only 6 electrons and it is also electron deficient but because your item has a p orbital and also has an Empty P orbitals so there is a fine back because of which atom electron in a battle with the empty bottle of Boron

back bonding bcl3 is more stable than bh3 because in bh3 the hydrogen atoms do not have said P orbital not under about my god this was the hydride formation which is seen in Boron family by forming dimers thank you for watching