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Some P-block Elements


Describe the following about B...

Describe the following about Boron family (Group 13) elements : <br> Diagonal relationship of boron and silicon.


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hello the question says that describe the following about Boron family group 13 elements diagonal relationship of Boron and silicon latest discuss for what is diagonal relationship relationship similarity in properties of diagonal elements of accident group and examples of diagonal relationship and Boron and silicon beryllium and Aluminium

na latest discuss about what all properties were similar in Boron and silicon discuss why the similarity properties in this is because both elements electronegativity and ionization energy because of the fact that they are very similar atomic radii electronegativity and ionization energy relationship now latest discuss about water properties do Boron and silicon having similar

show the first property is that both of them were my melting and boiling point the second property is that both of them are semiconductors and property in common is De existent bhoot crystalline and amorphous songs before property which have been formed both of them do not form cations property both of them

aur on forms h33 and silicone for H4 is tributary is known as boric acid and salicylic acid property is not both of them show reaction with chlorides show goat Boron and silicon chloride anhydrous day show similar reaction form abhi kya acid a strong acid which accident

home to write which is essential for and places it also gives weak Acid which is which 14 and molecules of HCL acid is now owned property which boat show seminar reaction with magnesium with magnesium or we can say that both so similar reaction with metals and metallic compound action is when Boron oxide magnesium

meeting produces mgb2 this is known as magnesium chloride and it is a metallic compound is seen in Silicon when S reacts with magnesium then on meeting mg to this is known as magnesium show the properties which selection and Boron have installed because of the fact that they show diagonal relationship thank you for watching