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Derive the relation between the wavelength (λ) of the de broglie wave and kinetic energy (E) of a moving particle


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Kinetic energy =12mv2
E=12mv2 multiply both sides by m
According to de Brogle relationship
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write the relation between wavelength of the de Broglie wave and kinetic energy of moving particles kinetic energy of moving particles in a kinetic energy is equal to square feet to multiply in both the right so he is equals to multiply both side of a this will be equal to M into energy equal to x square by a square b square read line by I am right side no further from here we can write the lives and that to me is equals to a square b square feet so from where we can see that MB MB whole square is equals to 2MB
Udaipur MB MB is equal to MC square one way to read this is the value of MBBS according to de Broglie relationship according to the broccoli relationship we have the Lambda is equals to 5 by P please as its Momentum and we can also write a seat and Momentum is equal to MB write the write the value of Lambda is equal to add upon under root of 2 MB it required relation thank you

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