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ΔrG for the cell with the cell reaction : Zn(s)+Ag2O(s)+H2O(l)Zn2+(aq)+2Ag(s)+2OH(aq)


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The correct Answer is
=0.344-(-0.76)=1.104 V
ΔG=FEcell=2×96500×1.104=2.13×105 J mol1
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hello Kiran question answer is that they are not for the cell with the cell reaction zn as + ag2o as + will give that into plus aqua solution to AGS and to a negative in aqueous solution of the value for a not easy to over a g is equal to 0.34 v and value for E not that into close per zn is equals to 0.7 forward and here we have a 4 we have to choose the correct one here as you know that a formula for unit cell equals to de Vinod ag2o per AG because this reaction is carried out at cathode so this is the value of reduction
standard reduction potential at cathode and here this is the value of standard reduction potential at anode 2 + per Jagran now hear the value or given to us so here we have a note of easy to open a g is 0.34 V minor 0.8 - 0.76 V now solve this equation here we get 1.104 Now index test here here to find the value for Delta G not and there's a formula minus and F keynote yah the value of n is equal to 2 because the
because the two electrons get users in this foreign reaction so here is a value for an equal so here we get minus 2 into and the value for f is 96500 and value for in a cell is 1.10 4 vote now solve this equation here we get the value for delta not that is equals to -2.13 into 5 joule per mole and assisted in action number de so from this our option B is the correct answer thank you

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