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DeltaH^(Theta) and DeltaS^(The...

`DeltaH^(Theta)` and `DeltaS^(Theta)` for the reaction: <br> `Br_(2)(l) +CI_(2)(g) hArr 2BrCI(g)` <br> at `298K` are `29.3 kJ mol^(-1)` and `104.1 J K^(-1) mol^(-1)`, respectively. Calculate the equilibrium constant for the reaction.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `DeltaG^(Theta) =DeltaH^(Theta) -T DeltaS^(Theta)` <br> `= 29.3 xx 10^(3) - 298 xx 104.1 =- 1721.8 J mol^(-1)` <br> `log K =- (DeltaG^(@))/(2.303 RT) =- (-1721.8)/(2.303xx8.314xx298) = 0.3018` <br> `K = 2.003`


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so the question we have delta H note and Delta S Note ok for the reaction this is the reaction at 298 K R 29.3 kilo joule per mole and 104 joule per K per mole respectively calculate the equilibrium constant for the reaction ok so we have to calculate the equilibrium constant at ke ok to to calculate equilibrium constant first we have to calculate the value of this delta Delta s not -3 delta delta it is given as to 9.3 kilo joule per mole temperature is given as 298 Kelvin and Delta s not is 104.8 Jun

K reverse Mall in Vasco on substituting the values we get 29.3 kilo joule per mole minus temperature is 298 Kelvin x 100 4.1 June cal Converse bol ke sunao K cancel out and real ft 29.3 kilo joule mole inverse OK - free 102 1.8 June per ok now further we have to get the units of this Delta G not ok it is in joule per mole inverse ok so to remove this kilo what will do will simply multiply it by 10 to the power

3 ok -310 to 1.8 and these are the units so on solving this we get Delta G not is equals to 29300 -310 to 21.8 joule per mole ok Tu from here the value of this Chatterjee not ok it comes out as -17 21.8 June Bole this is the value of this Delta G note now we have to calculate the equilibrium ok that is K2 it is basically equals to log of a is equals to minus Delta G note ok / 2.303 are

ok so for this we have calculate the value of delta G not now we can substitute this value is both - cancel out Seetha each other and we're left with this ok and it is divided by 2.303 X 8.3 14 jul K inverse mole inverse ok X the temperature and temperature is 298 K sunao on simply find this we get Logon ke it is equal to as the equilibrium is less quantity ok so this mole inverse cancel out this jul cancel outside this this K cancel out this K was so this whole equation is unitless now the answer comes out as 172 1.8 / 2.303

X 8.314 ok sunao to find out this ke this log comes on the right side that is anti logo defoliation ok so come here the value for this low ke comes out as he is equals to 2.003 and this is required answer that is the value of equilibrium

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