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DeltaH and DeltaS for <br> Br_...

`DeltaH` and `DeltaS` for <br> `Br_(2)(l) +CI_(2)(g) rarr 2BrCI(g)` <br> are `29.00 kJ mol^(-1)` and `100.0 J K^(-1) mol^(-1)` respectively. Above what temperature will this reaction become spontaneous?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Accroding to Gibbs-Helmholtz equation, <br> `DeltaG = DeltaH - T DeltaS` <br> For spontaneous process, `DeltaG lt 0` <br> i.e., `DeltaH - T DeltaS lt 0` <br> `T DeltS gt DeltaH` <br> `T gt (DeltaH)/(DeltaS)` <br> `T gt (29.0xx1000)/(100)` <br> `T gt 290 K`


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the question is enthalpy change that the edge entropy change that the as for the reaction br2 liquid + cl2 gas given to be are still get r29 closure and hundred closed under dual per Munh per K respectively at what temperature will the reaction will be spontaneous we know that the portability of the reaction is determined by the value of delta G energy change to be no Delta G is equal to minus and Delta g lesson zero then

our reaction order process it to be spontaneous if our dead Ajeeb positive reaction on the process will be said to be non spontaneous and a power Delta G is equal to zero then our reaction will be thrilled to be in equilibrium according to the question we need to identify the temperature at which the given reaction is spontaneous spontaneous reaction we must be having Delta G Delta G National hero which implies delta H and delta and less than zero which implies that must be greater and delta H which implies must be greater than delta H and Delta as the temperature above which

our reaction will become spontaneous so on calculating the value of delta contactor we will get temperature must be greater than what is delta H in this is 29 which is 29300 rule per K Pramod this game play Masti greater than 29 to this is the temperature above which our reaction will become spontaneous

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