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`Delta H_(1)^(@)` for `CO_(2)(g)`, `CO(g)` and `H_(2)O(g)` are `-393.5,-110.5` and `-241.8 kJ mol^(-1)` respectively. Standard enthalpy change for the reaction <br> `CO_(2)(g)+H_(2)(g) rarr CO(g) + H_(2)O(g)` is

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Solution :
`CO_(2)(g)+H_(2)(g) rarr CO(g) +H_(2)O(g)` <br> `DeltaH^(Theta) = {[Delta_(f)H^(Theta) CO, (g)+Delta_(f)H^(Theta)H_(2)O,(g)] -Delta_(f)H^(Theta)CO_(2),(g)}` <br> `= [(-110.5)+(-241.8(-(-393.5+0))]` <br> `= +41.2 kJ` <br> `Delta_(f)H^(Theta) H_(2),(g) = 0` <br> `Delta_(f)H^(Theta) = 0` in elementary state


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Delta at formation for CO2 carbon monoxide and H2O are given as -3 93.5 -100 10.5 and -2.8 respectively asking that the standard enthalpy reaction enthalpy change for this given reaction tried to find the enthalpy change for this reaction we can write first of all we can write the balanced chemical reaction for the formation of these three carbon dioxide carbon monoxide and water so let's say if we write a letter C plus O2 CO2 and in this case delta H is given us -3 93.5 about second one sweater saying C plus plus half photo and in this case for delta H and delta H not it is given as - 110

5 night and in the process of making H2O we can write H2 + of up to this will give we have reactions and in this case delta H not it is given as - of 240 1.8 kilo all of these are in close collection is bar first reaction this is our second reaction and third reaction reaction and to obtain the given reaction that is given in the question to obtain this reaction what did need to do is business need to add first of all to obtain required equation what we need to do is we just need to add let se + 2 + 3 and if we subtract 1 from it then this is our

required reaction that is CO2 + of H2 and this gives CO2 + H2O it so similarly if we write these values that value of 3.8 and we are having -110.5 and for the last one we are having - of 240 1.8 - of 248 but we are subtracting here right now this is minus Sin A minus and is minus will god bless from here if you calculate this results of this will be equal to third one it is H2O -48 we calculate first of all IT sorry there is a bit error we need at this place we are having value of one as - of

393 so this will be minus A minus combined and this will form + 3 93.5 Red and if we write to the value combined now this value will be sorry 41.2 that is 41.2 the correct option for the question option B Funk you

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