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Class 11






Chemical Thermodynamics


Define enthalpy. Show that the...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hi guys welcome to doubtnut this question define enthalpy and show that the change in enthalpy at constant pressure for a reaction involving acid is given by the expression delta H is equal to Delta u plus Delta ngrt what is the symbol of enthalpy is H capital and definition of enthalpy is it is the sum of internal energy and the product of pressure and volume hair you is internal energy is pressure and we is volume where from this you plus TV arises guys in lab all chemical reactions performed openly at constant pressure because if they perform in chest tube openly then they have pressure equal to atmospheric pressure

that's why they all are at constant pressure then what is first law of thermodynamics mathematical expression of first largest delta u is equal to Q + w Q is the amount of heat released or absorbed and w is the work work is done on the system or work is done by the system because we are having reaction at constant pressure that's why right here cupe cupe denoted amount of heat is released or absorbed at constant pressure and we know that w is equal to mines PX turnal Delta V change in volume then what is the mathematical expression of first law Delta u is equal to Up - Delta we then we can write Delta you as you to

-21 and also we can write Delta V as V2 - v17 what we get YouTube -21 is equal to q p - pv2 Plus TV 19 vi transposition we get q p is equal to YouTube Plus TV to -1 -1 when we get up is equal to YouTube + pv2 fight 1 - common than you 1 Plus TV 1 this is the sum of energies you is energy and TV is the also another form of energy pressure volume manager is known as and the sum of energy gives the energy that why you plus TV is introduced a new tab that is known as enthalpy we

can take YouTube Plus TV 2 is equal to H2 and YouTube Plus TV has as one can we get QP is equal to H to minus one that's why QP is equal to delta H change in enthalpy petrol se change in enthalpy for a reaction at constant pressure is equal to keep or we can say heat absorbed or released at constant pressure of reaction is equal to change in enthalpy than what is relation between Delta at change in enthalpy and Delta you change in internal energy ok we consider a reaction a Jazzy B and enthalpy change of this reaction is delta H and we know that H B minus

and help your product - enthalpy of reactant then what is RH h is equal to sum of internal energy and pressure volume and then we can write here they retired is equal to you be Plus TV and you a Plus TV a reaction rate constant pressure to open the brackets we get UB Plus TV - 2 - TV when we get Delta is equal to U B minus you a by rearranging plus minus 3 then we can get relation between delta H and Delta u u b minus u is the change in internal energy if it a common here we get as common

with minus v a change in volume and what is relation delta H is equal to Delta u p Delta V relation between delta H and Delta u is not significant for liquid and solid but it is significant for a reaction involving gases and we know that for ideal gas we have ideal gas equation that is PV is equal to nrt it means for product we get free V is equal to nbr equation for hands for reactant we get a is equal to an abstract equation to from equation 1 price we get PV minor TV is

equal to n b Aarti minor and a r t cricket PC in 2GB - v110 tried we have RTS common then we get n b minus and a what is a and b and N A and B is number of moles of product total number of moles of product size and an a is the total number of moles of reaction when we can write relation this P Delta v is equal to delta and GRT because this relation is for a reaction involving gases that why I am writing here ji Delta NG is very important in this relation because on the value of delta NG the relation of delta H

and Delta you will be different than I can play this value of P Delta V into relation of delta H and Delta u i was delta H is equal to Delta u p Delta we then we get delta H is equal to Delta u + Delta ngrt I told you Delta NG is very important if Delta n g is equal to zero number of mall in react inside and product sides are equal hydrogen gas react with chlorine gas and uses of hydrochloric acid the number of moles in react inside two moles 1 mole hydrogen gas and 1 mole chlorine gas and products that we get also two moons that's why delta H is equal to Delta you if the energy is equal to zero in this case

and 2 + H2O gives us to nh33 1 mole here 3 moles hear it means one mole of nitrogen gas react with three more hydrogen gas and producer to mall Ammonia gas total number of moles we have kormo that's why Delta NG for this reaction is to minus 4 is equal to minus 2 then what is relation delta H is equal to Delta u -2 aarti in this case we can see Delta u is greater than Delta X when we hit it calcium carbonate solid we get calcium oxide solid and carbon dioxide as we have to find Delta NG only for gases and we can get delta and G products side we have one more carbon dioxide 1 in reconciled no

33 in vol 1 - 08518 Delta NG is positive then what is relation delta H is equal to Delta u plus one Aarthi scans near delta H is greater than Delta u where is a filter and Z is equal to zero then we can say delta H and Delta you are equal and negative then we can say delta is less than Delta U and April X is positive mis delta H is greater than Delta U and I are we know that gas constant and T is temperature rise

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