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Class 11






Organic Chemistry : Some Basic Principles And Techniques


Define electromeric effect. ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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our next question is that define electromeric effect so that it is generally found in only in organic compounds which contain multiple bonds in the organic compounds the organic Champaran which contain multiple account which contains multiple w and this in tennis formation of a dipole in the molecule of organic compound to complete transfer or share of Pi electrons so it is due to YouTube complete due to company transfer

complete transfer ok share Pi electron electron electron pair to one of the atom under the influence of attacking reagent it refers to as an example of the circle in here we have CH3 Ch double bond ch2 Adventist reacts with any electrophile so in this case the spy electronic gift towards that attack to this electrophile and its forms to type of compounds so here to type of compound and this is a electrophile electro Payal in this case it format to type of

compound is electrophile get placed over the middle carbon NPS what is middle carbon then add the terminal carbon positive charge will be similarly when this electrified take place at the terminal carbon at the situation and Middle carbon credit and the positive charge electron are electrons get this place that place get displaced buy this electric this is the electron effect

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