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Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure


Define covalent bond according...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello questions is that define covalent bond according aur beta construct ok define orbital can you should care about you have an orbital suppose for example by taking the example of your hydrogen you have one or better on hydrogen for better hydrogen is 1-11 am your hydrogen electron bank is this is the other Trojan this other hydrogen also have one am ok I should have electronic positive spin like this this is your other hydrogen opposite direction of the overlapping take place there is a rapid take place

latent and due to that clapping of these orbitals their orbitals in order to form a bond length is this is this is another 1S orbital and this both on this day will pair to form a board this is the bond which is formed kit you can simply that say this this is another hydrogen a metal will combine to form a bond and simple it is represented by this for hydrogen hydrogen this is the covalent bond and covalent bond is so you can simply define this app and the according to orbital can set it is defined as it is defined as the aur beta and the you can say more accurately half kilometre

field aur beta having opposite spin MP a positive spin combine to form a ok you can just simply define according to the orbital can supply this this is through this question


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