Decreasing order of dipole moment in CHCl3, CCl4 & CH4 is –


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hello let's start selling the question and answer with decreasing order of the dipole moment in the decreasing order of the dipole moment in chcl3 ccl4 and start following this question is if you find out the hybridization so you can see that there is a central atom is and the four valence electron in the four UK sedunia valence electron electron divide by 2 and is no solve it so I can say this did this will be equal to its formula for calculating out before and which indicate the
what is this indicate the that that is it has a address of tetrahedral structure in the same science MP3 also in the case of ccl4 is this article and autumn awesomeness Google all the atoms or events this are atoms are so this is living here and there is chlorine has so far but in the case of ch4 is there is also I do the hair hydrogen here and there is also a hydrogen is also so you can see the structure is
Sohail dipole dipole in these two molecules that is used as 200 you to the centre of the direction and their direction of dipole moment will be looked like this and direction of this direction or position cancel order in the direction of direction opposite and cancel each other so there that's why the dipole moment comes out to be in this case we are called the angles are 10290-2 98109-5210 9 28 minutes
structure is symmetrical in both cases the chlorine chlorine and fluorine and this is also close this is also true if I do the direction of dipole moment so this is carbon is more electronegative so that when it comes to so so I can say this the direction of dipole moment will be like like this direction will be like this and here in this case the direction of dipole and will be like this and here and here are the direction of dipole moment will be the direction Dam factor are in the same direction so you can see this the dipole moment of this compound will not be equal to zero has equal to zero and it is
it is greater than it means that I can say is the dipole moment of these compounds that this compound that is group will be greater than that lets this compound A and its compounds and its compounds in this document will be used as a dipole dipole moment is due to the nature of this group and submitting this critical nature of nature documentaries also in this case is equal to b equal and compared to be an option
open the option option and in this case is this option that means it is going destination for the highest dipole moment is compared to the internet but we know that in the case of Methane in ccl4 is equal to zero at so you to this karyakal symmetrical left with the correct answer in which ko coronavirus cause an equal to thank you

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