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Class 12






Environmental Chemistry


Decomposition of organic matte...

Decomposition of organic matter through microbial activity is known as

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Eutrophication StratificationPutrescibilityBOD

Answer : C


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decomposition of organic matter activity is known as option station stratification uterus ability and be fully eutrophication understand what is eutrophication location this is a process in which a water body is enriched with new water body is enriched with nutrients takes present because of this excessively

daily exercise growth of anti which is called as and will bloom Bloom this cannot be decomposition of organic matter because it is the second option option is now the second option stratification occasion understand what is stratification of occasion it is arrangement Angel sweet arrangement ideas for example you can say

placing of fees in lease placing of their switch the farmers two layers or it can be formation of layers in draw using the rock layers also stratification is also not the correct answer

something where things are library not able to get the point that we use the word as to treat it like to do pk the perishable foods to keep it for a long time receivable food after long time they tend to DK this is subject to the composition food list of Unity this may be the correct answer to see what is this

biochemical oxygen demand bio chemical oxygen demand it says oxygen demand refers to the amount of dissolved oxygen needed by the conditions of this aerobic microorganisms for the decomposition is out of 50 D4 dance agrees to traceability this is me and server it is it third option is answer


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