Correct the statement : Gases do exert pressure in single direction.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Gases exert pressure in all directions.


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Shukar Ada statement gas 2 exert pressure in single direction so if you know about the gas characteristic if I say this box is filled with gas what will be the molecules of guess they are very far away from each other and they have they have far away and they are having a higher intermolecular passive and you can see also there is a very weak force of attraction between them weak force of attraction ok and Hai intermolecular space

suit gas molecules have are moving in random directions if you see there permit to move in any Direction Taken movie in any direction because of weak force of attraction and Hai intermolecular spaces they have many spaces to move around so they also collide with each other decorate with each other which makes the wall of the container pressurized and so this is the reason because of high intermolecular spaces and weak force of attraction a gas do exert pressure pressure in all direction they are easy to move in all direction because of higher intermolecular space

so the statement gas do if a person is single direction is wrong the correct statement is correct statement is gas has gas to exert pressure in all direction as they have right to move in every part of the vessel or box

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