Correct order of second ionization energy among the following is:

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`Li^+gt C^+gt B^+gt Be^+` `C^+ gt B^+ gt Be^+ gt Li^+``B^+gt Be^+gt C^+gt Li^+` `Li^+ gt B^+ gt C^+ gt Be^+ `

Answer :


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hello students in the given question we need to understand the correct cricket admission in the following is not perform for this species and then we will check writing the configuration for lithium this is when is 2.2 then what is it is force one is to facilitate the atomic number 6 1 3 2 1 2 and 2 P2 and over your then we have Boron number is 5 it's - 22 years 2 and 2 p.m. then we have got brilliant beryllium atomic number is 4 so this is Venice to and tourist place is fulfilled over there and peace containing one electron it is containing two electrons and its continuing efforts the 1st year 1st of performing the ionization energy means removing one electron so this is

Lithium b and b form and this is going to be removed if it's going to be left with one is to hear that can be formed carbon ka time and it is removing one electron so it is left with to p12 this is like to be one and now it is forming a time so this is Boron positive and it is removing this piece was left with stabilized ktu S2 so this is left with one has to this is left to keep in mind the number of beryllium it is removing one electron so this is going to be disturbed this one and it is referred to as one so this is beryllium positive and to S1 we are in the question we need to perform the second ionization respectively this was their first ionization now what happened second ionization they are going to remove one one more electron if this is going to be second and then corresponding Elite plus two will be obtained and this is going to be removing one electron so when it's more

closer to Nucleus or corresponding hi very very large amount of energy is required to have maximum value of second ionization energy be positive they are talking about second ionization energy of this then we have done with this now stable configuration access to wear dresses to wear to Pal Pal so this is full qualification that's why it's also going to the remaining stabilized and require very high amount of energy to this is going to be followed with bottom shelf also going to have very high energy but less than Lithium is closer than 28 which is somewhat little far from nuclear the two have minimum energy because after removing an electron this is going to get stable configuration of the noble gas configuration is a medium that removal is very very

very we have already discussed for lithium is been to a fulfilled configuration of N2 is meant to be removing electron with very very high energy now we need to decide between carbon and having this full field configuration of tourist interest containing electronic warranty period Tum can be easily removed as compared to the stabilized configuration of a netsuai Boro Plus comes first that it more energy will be required to disturb the stable configuration as compared to the single letter that were commonplace is less than Boroplus energy to this is the overall order and option B is correct

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