Correct order of radii

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`Na gt Mg gt AI` `Na^(+) gt Mg^(2+) gt AI^(3+)` `I+ lt I lt I^(-)` N , He, Ne

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hello everyone in this question we have to find out the correct order of radii let's discuss all the option one by one the first option to reduce sodium is greater than magnesium and then then let of aluminium let's see this option first option age radii of sodium is greater than that of a magnitude greater than that of aluminium atomic number of sodium is 11 that of magnesium it's too well that of aluminium 8:30 available that when we move from left to right in periodic table the nuclear charge increases charge increases and size decreases this order is correct its either s option option is any +

greater than MG + 2 Greater than a n plus 3 winner variable that with increasing nuclear sorry positive charge nuclear charge increases because number of protons number of protons are getting them number of electrons due to which the size decrease this option is also correct let's see the third option that is a positive is less than I like them in a variable that when any element accept any electron form airline its size increases due to

Electronic repulsive but when any element from ka time by using electron the size decreases due to increase in nuclear charge for this option is also correct let's see the 4th person 4000 says that nitrogen Helium and neon hair Helium smallest a d i then nitrogen and then neon has the longest the reason behind this is electronic configuration of atomic number Helium has atomic number 4 nitrogen has 71 #it has only one x 2 twins twin configuration while nitrogen electronic configuration 1S 2S 2 up on that is 1 is

to 2 is to 2 P6 has larger size then kill nitrogen has less than Helium sorry but less than new show on the basis of this we can see that all the given option that is first will correct S also correct thermal also collect and of the fourth of the order is thank you so much

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