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Analytical Chemistry-use Of Ammonium & Sodium Hydroxide


Copper [II] sulphate solution....

Copper [II] sulphate solution. Reacts with sodium hydroxide solution to form a precipitate of copper hydroxide. State the colour of the precipitate formed.


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hello question where is coupled to sulphate solution reacts with Sodium Hydroxide B copper to sulphate solution is reacting with sodium hydroxide solution to form a precipitate it is forming a precipitate copper Hydroxide state the colour of precipitate formed let me write the reaction of the reaction is like a copper to sulphate solution so this Is Us + Sodium Hydroxide that is it is reacting to give a corporate accepted in place of the year also getting any 2 S o4 that is sodium sulphate + of copper Hydroxide that it's new or it's old toys plate and this is precipitated settle settle down now every balance reaction I have to enable right here and the reaction is balanced spread to the question is asking that

state the colour of precipitate formed so this is our precipitate that is copper hydroxide and colour for copper Hydroxide is light blue it is light blue precipitate so in this reaction be observed a light blue precipitate that is our copper Hydroxide is forming when copper sulphate is react with sodium hydroxide and this is also forming sodium this also form sodium sulfate that hold action thank you

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