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Solid State


Copper crystallises in fcc wit...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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108 pm128 pm157 pm181 pm

Solution : Since copper crystallises in a face centred cubic lattice, <br> atomic radius `=a/(2sqrt(2))` <br> `361/(2xx1.414)=127.6~=128`

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hello adventure question age give when copper crystallizes in fcc with a unit cell length of 361 pm what is the radius of A copper atom copper atom ok here is given copper crystallizes in fcc unit cell copper plated NFC copper present at the age coronavirus as well as copper present at each corner in fcc copper from copper present at president at age corner and and press enter se Centre show at the faces at any one face

at any one face at anyone fail at important at the corner as well as president at transparent at corners as well as anyone this is the atom present at corner and anywhere and ok this is the atom present at the corners and face centre centre atoms in this arrangement compact atoms are compactly arrangement in this arrangement atoms at opposite corners and face Centre atoms are connected with each other items at a centre and corner and face atom centre and opposite corner of the atoms are connected with each other so so

this is the radius R and this is the diameter you are anti seize the radius R is the radius here its length is a at length is a and this is the diagonal so the value of a diagonal is a route to a value of face diagonal is route to so we can write that are plus 2 h + are equal to root 24 are equal to root to a so we can write that so we can write that so we can write that are equal to root 2 upon 4 that will be value a upon Turu Tu Turu Tu here we have to calculate radius of the copper hair are equal to hair length is given length is

given 361 pm is length is given 361 pm 361 upon 2 root 2 that will be value 128 PM that will be value 128 FICO so answer will be here answer will be open answer thank you


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