Conversion of Calcium Carbide into Hexachloroethane

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Solution :
`CaC_2 + 2H_2O to Ca(OH)_2 + C_2H_2` <br> `C_2H_2 + 2H_2 underset(250^@ C) overset(Ni)to C_2H_6 overset(6Cl_2)to underset("Hexachloroethane")(C_2Cl_6 + 6HCl)`


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hello students to desire question is conversion of calcium carbide in 200 chloroethane react calcium carbide that is cac2 we have to convert it into the floor 300 euro so how will be converted let's we can convert Ethane that to and then convert into hydrochloride tablets first react-csv which this will give that is calcium hydroxide + 2 x 2 is

standard reaction you should know reaction now this asset I Li Drashti to convert it into an again from all time through converted into an alkane which H2 in the presence of will get to that CS3 CS3 now with all the hydrogen atoms and chlorine atom by react this will replace all the hydrogen atom by chlorine atom and get it to serial Star Plus as a byproduct this in exam

chloro ethane Hexa chloro eating so I hope you understood the reaction thank you

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