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Class 12






Appendix II ( Typical Conversions)


Conversion of Benzaldehyde to ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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question is conversion of benzaldehyde to cinnamic acid when we convert benzaldehyde to animated this is called nowandgen reaction English reaction aldehyde react with compound containing active methylene group in the presence of organic base and form alpha beta unsaturated acid I will show the direction this is benzaldehyde react with ch2cooh twice this is melanin in Melanie Kaise there is active methylene group and

react with base in the presence of heat it will form cinnamic Acid which is C6 h5 Ch double bond ch2 C O O H cinematic acid + carbon dioxide + water the mechanism of benzaldehyde to cinnamic acid OK when base attack on man unique Acid which is ch2cooh c o o h it will remove hydrogen and form BH Foster + carbon step to discard benign attack on benzaldehyde

and this is carbon and carbon negative attack on this carbon and oxygen withdrawal oxygen full electron to what itself ok now it will form C6 h5 C H O negative ch3cooh in 1893 did which these abstract Proton it attack on this you don't let I am ok C6 h5 C O negative ch3cooh SEO and IT form adduct which is C6 h5 now this Proton attack on this Oxygen and form a

duct non-stop for this side of C6 h5 C ch3oh base attack on this hydrogen the hydrogen ok and from here hydrogen give its electron here and from here over its negative remove an element from C6 h5 ch3cooh + b h positive plus which negative step decarboxylation take place and it will form

C6 h5 Ch double bond Ch + carbon this is the conversion of benzaldehyde to cinnamic acid

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