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Class 11






Chemical Equilibrium


Consider the reaction: <br> A(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `{:(,A,hArr,B,+,C),("At equilibrium",0.2,,0.3,,0.3):}` <br> `K_(c )=((0.3)(0.3))/(0.2)=9/20` <br> a. When volume is doubled `(i.e. rarr 2V)` <br> `rArr [A]=0.1, [B]=0.15=[C]` <br> `Q_(c )=((0.15)(0.15))/(0.1)=9/40rArr Q_(c ) lt K_(c )` <br> Reaction goes forward. <br> `K_(c )=9/20=((0.15+x)(0.15+x))/((0.1-x))` <br> solve for `x, x~~0.03` <br> `[A]=0.1-0.03=0.07 M` <br> `[B]=[C]=0.15+0.03=0.18 M` <br> b. When volume is halved `(i.e. Vrarr V//2)` <br> `rArr [A]=0.4, [B]=[C]=0.6` <br> `Q_(c )=(0.6xx0.6)/(0.4)=9/10rArr Q_(c ) gt K_(c )` <br> Reaction goes backward. <br> `K_(c )=9/20=((0.6-x)^(2))/((0.4+x))` <br> Solve for `x, x~~0.12` <br> `[A]=0.4+0.12=0.16 M` <br> `[B]=[C]=0.6-0.12=0.48 M`


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7th question option that is a gas is in equilibrium with the biggest procedures and we're given when system is it equilibrium at 200 degree Celsius the constructional phone to be point to 20.30 6.30 if for a part we need to find out when the volume of the container is thermally doubled then the equilibrium concentration what will be the equilibrium concentration and the when the value of the container is then the equilibrium concentration general concentration and concentration moles per litre in moles per litre so

Jyotiba and animals l is all we can say we volume so this is the concentration of vacancy moles per litre is molarity concentration in terms of molarity double the volume of the container that means if instead of we put to me then we can easily see that the concentration will be hugged each concentration of a species will be Hafte concentration for half concentration concentration of a will be it will be point one would be a consideration will be point 15 and 4C concentration will be point 215 this is our

part being will help the container is suddenly how when we half the volume then we will have to be consideration will be doubled and concentration is doubled then the concentration of a will be 0.40 and concentration of we will be 0.60 in consideration of civil range 0.60

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