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Class 11






Environmental Chemistry


Consider the following stateme...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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(i) and (iii)(i),(ii) ,(iii)(i),(iii) and (iv)all of these

Answer : A

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hello everyone let's start the question the questions is that consider the following statements write so we have to find out the correct statement out of the following statement and we have to choose which option is the correct option of the following right so let's start with the very first statement which is given to us it is given the years ago name is used for the testing of fluoride ions present in water not this statement here given is correct statement because chloride Ion right if you have to detect the fluoride Ion present in polluted water then it is done with the help of zirconium alizarin method basically a colour changes obtained for our range from about 20 to about 1.6 PPM bright colour changes obtained their and

what do you observe here that about 100 ml sample of zirconium alizarin is used for this purpose write how much zirconium alizarin is used for this about hundred ml of the samples used for detecting of fluoride and it is present in polluted water it is basically a very convenient method because it is a very Rapid method and it is basically of colorimetric technique right let me also mention it that it is a country metric technique which is used hair write this is an important point here which is to be noted that it is a colorimetric method because a colour change is obtained right at about 10 to 1.63 M in this particular range right so in this method which were using zirconium alizarin

right indicator is used and H2 S o4 is also added in this particular reaction right H2 S o4 is also added as an indicator for the determination of chloride with this statement here is completely correct as I mentioned earlier also know the second statement is that Ozone Layer is present in Mizo film this statement on it is incorrect why so because we know that Ozone Layer it is actually present in the stratosphere right Ozone Layer is present in the stratosphere layer of the atmosphere write and it protects our atmosphere Earth atmosphere from the harmful UV radiation coming from sun Shuddh statement hair saying that it is in use of it is incorrect moving on to the third statement is given to us the poisonous gas present in the

costume of automobiles is so this is also correct letter which stands for what your hair at early stands for carbon monoxide right so let me mention here that so chance for carbon monoxide and this carbon dioxide is produced because of incomplete combustion of petrol or diesel which is present in automobile because of incomplete combustion it is produced and it is harmful it is a very poisonous gas and definitely types is harmful pollutants which affects our environment as it creates pollution know the fourth statement given to us is so that means statement number 3 is also it is correct hair no 4 statement is Tajmahal is affected by CO2 gas not this statement is incorrect why so because

we know that we know that Taj Mahal monument it is affected by one of the main reason for the main reason is acid rain right and we know that acid rain it is formed in the atmosphere because of the reaction of H2O the water droplets which are present in the atmosphere with the oxides of Nitrogen with the oxides of sulphur so when they combined with H2 S o4 Dev form corresponding acid like when it reacts with nitrogen oxide is formed HNO3 which is the nitric acid and when it reacts with Sulphur Dioxide aur with Sulphur trioxide homes H2 s o4 which increases acidity of the rain water and makes it acidic in nature and thus when it comes down it

sex monuments and buildings but here it is given to us you too but CO2 is not responsible for affecting the monuments write this statement is incorrect which means that out of the following statement the correct statement hair are option number 1 and number 3 which is present in option one here to this is our correct solution thank you

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - NCERT FINGERTPS ENGLISH Class 11 CHEMISTRY

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