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Class 12






P-block Elements


Consider the following silicat...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students with the question is asking consider the following silicates ok we have given hairs liquids that is barium Titanium Aise 349 ok and the another one is zinc calcium and as a 24/7 OK so the question arises like that that calculate X + Y where x and y are total number of monovalent and divalent oxygen atom ok in both sleek its respectively alright so be given here are the silicates ok so to find out the number of monovalent and diamond oxygen first of all we should know that what type of sleek it we have given alright so if we see the first silicate that is here barium Titanium S 83 49

alright so here barium exhibit plus 2 Oxidation State ok and hair Titan exhibit plus for Oxidation State ok and to neutralize the total charge which is plus 6 ok so this silicate should have here as a 3o 96 negative or right to neutralize the charge OK so the general Formula we get from this silicate that is Si 3 n to a negative ok so we got this general formula and this type of sleek it is known as cyclic silicate ok cyclic silicate now if we move for the ABCD next week

that is be hairs zinc die calcium as a 227 alright so here is it has plus two Oxidation state and Calcium has also plus two Oxidation State so they are to consume present so it will be 4 OK so 4 + 4 now total here that is 6 alright to neutralize the charge Ahir sleek it should have Si 227 have charged -6 OK - 6 x minus ok so we got this type of sleek it here right and this type of sleek it is known as pyrosilicates OK it is known as pyro silicates ok so 25

Rowdy number of monovalent and I went oxygen atom we should see the structure of given sleek it's alright ok so the four first one ok it has formula right that is 396 negative alright so ABCD structure for this year 3 Silicon atoms ok 3 Silicon atoms will arrange like this here click on ok and three oxygen atom will bonded with this alright and with one of the Silicon there are two oxygen atoms are attached that is hair look like this alright ok so this is the structure of hair 3 Silicon online and 6 and negative charge alright so here the

oxygen atom which is present in ring ok which is a present in ring so these oxygen are divalent ok these are development and the atoms which are attached to the sleek on they are monovalent All Right Here they are Monu valent oxygen atoms ok hair divalent items are so here in this case divalent oxygen atoms are three alright which are present in ring 3 and monovalent oxygen atom which are attached to this sleek on so they are 6 ok right now VCD next case here be that is

Si 27 ok Aise 276 negative alright ABCD structure of this compound here it should be looked like this here to Silicon atoms ok here to Silicon atoms ok and here they are shared by oxygen atom there they are connected with oxygen atom alright and which which is shared by click on is called divalent ok this is divalent and which are connected with this exercise ok they are Monu valid oxygen atoms ok they are Monu valent oxygen atoms so

we will some this monovalent divalent so hair dye violent or one and monovalent divalent has sticks alright so hair As given in the question x and y are total number of monovalent Oxygen and Carbon and oxygen alright so here we see here monovalent which is X here right which is X and hear this is why Ok same this is X and this is why so if we see the some of these monovalent divalent Soya x is equal to 6 ok hair 6 plus 6 alright 6 plus 6 12 and the number of Total number of divalent oxygen that is 3 + 13

this one for this we got four alright and if we see the sum of monovalent and divalent 12 + 4 is equal to 16 or right this is the correct answer of this question ok so we got the total number of monovalent and developed of giving slow kitex share all right this is the answer of this question here thank you

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