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Class 12






P-block Elements


Consider the following reactio...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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(B-A-B) bond angle in compound 'Q'gt(B-A-B) bond angle in compound 'P'(A-B) bond length in compound 'Q'`lt`(A-B) bond length in compound 'P'Value of `x+y+z` is 9Compound 'P' is `P_(2)O_(5)` and compound 'Q' is `P_(4)O_(10)`

Answer : A::B::C
Solution : `undersetr((A_(x)))^(P_(4))+underset((yB_(2)))(3O_(2)) underset("supply of air")overset("Limited")to underset((P))(P_(4)O_(6)) underset("excess air")overset(2O_(2)) to underset([Q])(P_(4)O_(10))` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> According to Bent's rule: `x_(1) gt x_(2),alpha lt beta` <br> `x+y+z=4+3+2=9`

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consider the reaction that is a x + y p to in Limited near give me and if react with again in the get you so here it is given that is atomic number of elements a and b is 15 and 18 respectively then according to the given information the correct statement is so here we have the atomic number of a is 15 and b is that means we can say that a is Phosphorus and b is Oxygen so here we can see that we have the reaction that is a x + Y we do in Limited gives P so here we have free

in Limited near p46 this is the reaction we will get if we will write it and so here we can see that the value of x is 4 year and the value is 3 now via getting thiba 6 which is our now we have to treat it with again with auto in access it so here we get this will get to go from here Z is equal to 2 so we have it's also so which draw the structure of T4 ho

sakta and p for order so here we have p446 which is like this here we have P then have to its structure will be this this is p46 structure now let's draw the structure of cube so Kyon in P4 10 so its structure will be like this year have we have your likes this this is the structure of P4

so this is about you richest people now let's see the statement said first statement we have Dab ine you is greater than B and b a b y of the reason for forest and that we have cube bad days T4 Hotel so here with this Phosphorus have double bond attached with Phosphorus also double bond this Phosphorus also doubled And The Sorcerer's also doubled but we see in p446 we have lone pairs with Phosphorus here that means this Phosphorus which has lone pair with experience lone pair and lone pair repulsion and

due to this this bond and this op will become less as compared to this hope this statement is not come to be statement in biwi have a bi Bond length in queue is less than a bond length in p if one angle is Greater that means it is inversely proportional so the bonds will be less year we have bond angle is inversely proportional to born This is the relation so here we have this statement also connected now Nancy thus even in C we have X + Y + Z is 9 so here we have also been changed and if we add this will get 9 here as answer to this is also can

come to it is given that compound 55 and compound give is people this is incorrect since we have PSC food concepts and q St Francis RTP NC I hope you understand the question 2 practice question thank you

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