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Consider the following oxoacids of sulphur I.`H_2SO_3` II. `H_2S_2O_7` III. `H_2SO_3` IV. `H_2S_2O_8` V. `H_2S_2O_6` VI. `H_2S_2O_4` The oxoacids containing peroxy linkage are

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II, V & VI onlyI, III, V & VI onlyII, III & IV onlyIII & IV only


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question is consider the following addresses of sulphur h2so 382732 draw the structure of NH3 is double bond oh no presence of now he talked about H2S 27 structure is 8112 and over again this also does not consist only needed it consists of talking about

2827 structure as it consists of a double bond double bond ch2 this consists of a power of now if it talks about H2S to now if we talk about H2 S2 E6 ok now it to H2O 6 has a structure a single bond double bond double bond double bond double bond it also does not consist of a pair of how to write a note to let us know if we draw the structure for H2

super write it will be a what will be the Stockton right and we will have a 112 and 114 others also consists of a pair of the Limited and answer now next is the next that will be H2 S o4 right at 28211 is not consist of a peroxy linkage have drawn All The structures in we have to include all these structures only paper of ceiling 75 write the oxoacid

Indian peroxy linkage are only to write and what are those two acid H2S 28 and H2S

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