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Coordination Compounds


Consider the following isomers...

Consider the following isomers of `[Co(NH_(3))_(4)Br_(2)]^(+)` . The black sphere represent Co, grey spheres represent `NH_(3)` and unshaded spheres represent Br. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Which structures are identical

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

None of the structures are identical Structre (a) = structure (b) and structure (c) = structure (d) Structre (a) = structure (c) and structure (b) = structure (d) Structre (a) = structure (d) and structure (b) = structure (c)

Answer : C


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Jalebi one letter solve this question the questions that consider the following isomers of SEO NH 34 B are two positive the Black Sea represent Cobalt Graves in history and which structures are identical in one none of the structures are identical option to structure is equal to structured vs unstructured 3 structure is equal to structures and structure b is equal to structure the and options for structure is equal to structured and unstructured data given that is isomers of SEO nh34 to pause the black Kiya

craven represents NH3 which are 4 and unscheduled Fields represent Rumi have to be basically we have Complex NH 34 x b are two positive basically it is of the type M which is attached to 4b type of ligand and to a type of leaders have this type of complex and for this type of complex only two isomers exist only two isomers exist that is and trans and to in this type of complexes we have to same type of ligand that is a and these two way that can either

be his position or in the given Complex we have to be an atom for this this structure we have bro me at adjacent to the structure are opposite to each other atoms are attached to the central atom in such a way that they are opposite to each other and type of if you see no in C havglo mean it is adjacent

to each other and we have this is as you can see it is attached to Central cannot adjust their opposite and structure are same and pndt structure are same in the given options is structure is equal to see it is this correct option structure is equal to structure their structure

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