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Class 11






Redox Reactions


Consider the elements: <br> Cs...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : (a) F exhibits only negative oxidation state of `-1` . <br> Cs exhibits positive oxidation state of `+1` . <br> (c) I exhibits both positive and negative oxidation states . It exhibits oxidation states of `-1 , +1 , +3 , +5 ` and `+7` <br> (d) The oxidation state of Ne is zero . It exhibits neither nor positive oxidation states .

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the question is considered the element caesium neon iodine and chlorine and we are given to identify the elements that exhibit only negative Oxidation State identify the element that it only positive both negative and which does not so let us see the solution one by one basically in the first part which exhibits only negative Oxidation State so what happens when chlorine fluorine is the most electronegative chlorine is the more electronegative element therefore chlorine shows only only negative Oxidation State therefore only negative Oxidation state and what is that negative Oxidation state that -19 moving onto the second part at her that identify the element that exhibits only positive

Oxidation State 109 cm is the most electropositive element electro positive element and therefore it exhibits only one of the Nation's states and that is of plus one the moving towards next part is after 75 the element that exhibits both negative and positive we know that I that is iodine this I would dene can exhibit states like - 10 + 1 + 3 + 5 and + 7 is also it can exhibit therefore it is the answer of third part 9 moving on to the last part and which we were asked which exhibit neither positive nor non-negative integers neon basically water tablet mobile Gaya it is a noble

gas and since it does not react with anybody it does not show any kind of Oxidation state and it shows just 0

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