Consider the compounds, `BCl_(3)` and `C Cl_(4)`.How will they behave with water? Justify.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Solution :
Being a Lewis acid, `BCl_(3)` readily undergoes hydrolysis. Boric acid is formed as a result. <br> `BCl_(3)+3H_(2)Orarr3HCl+B(OH)_(3)` <br> `C"C"l_(4)` completely resists hydrolysis. Carbon does not have any vacant orbital. Hence, it cannot accept electrons from water to form an intermediate. When `C"C"l_(4)` and water are mixed, they form separate layers. <br> `C"C"l_(4)+H_(2)Orarr`No reaction


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the best thing to consider the compound bcl3 in ccl4 and we have been out that how will they behave with water and we have to justify a solution to the solution friend not talking about bcl basically let's get into the chemistry of Boron to basically informed you know that Boron is something like this Braun something like this happens when it wants to have a bond formation with chlorine what happens is that it had to promote its electron from the according to the P orbital and the selected from this site to this site and these three from the sigma bond theory but still what happens friends but still what happens is that here we are left with the a vacant orbital and in the vacant orbital H2O molecule can donated lone pair and form a bond but while talking about but while talking about ccl4 will come to the reaction later later stock what you know what in ccl4 what what is the chemistry

of carbon we have something like this so what happens is at the time of Bond formation at the time of Bond formation Karbonn promotes electron from there to from there to hear from chlorine atoms and not let any battle.net orbital no dear metal is present no Dua battle it can not react with water and it does not give any reaction but but bcl3 does Give reaction and the reaction is something like this bcl3 plus size H2O will result me into h3o plus price HCL this is the answer

Very Important Questions

बेज़-प्रमेय:<br> यदि `E_1, E_2,........ E_n` अरिक्त घटनाये हैं जो कि प्रतिदर्श समष्टि `S` के विभाजन का निर्माण करती हैं अर्थात् `E_1, E_2,........ E_n` युग्मतः असंयुक्त हैं और `E_1U E_2U,........ ,UE_n = S` हैं और `A`कोई ऐसी घटना हैं जिसकी प्रायिकता शून्येतर है तब<br> `P(E_i|A) = (P(E_i )P(A|E_i)) /(sum_(j=1)^nP(E_j) P (A|E_j))`<br>तब इसके आधार पर निम्न प्रश्न का उत्तर दीजिए<br> तीन एक जैसे पर्स `A ,B` और `C` दिए गए हैं जिनमें से प्रत्येक में दो सिक्के हैं । पर्स `A` में दोनों सिक्के सोने के है पर्स `B` में दोनों सिक्के चाँदी के हैं और पर्स `C` में एक सोने और एक चाँदी का सिक्का है । एक व्यक्ति यदृच्छया एक पर्स चुनता है और उसमें से यदृच्छया एक सिक्का सोने का है तो प्रायिकता ज्ञात करें कि उस पर्स का दूसरा सिक्का भी सोने का ही है ।
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