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Compreshension-II <br> In non-ideal solutions, at one of the intermediate compostions, the total vapour pressure is highest and the boiling point is lowest. At this point, the composition of the liquid and vapour phase is same. So, if liquid mixture vapouriese at this point and vapours are condensed, the condensate contains same compositon as present in original liquid mixture. it means at this point liquid behaves like a pure liquid and is called an Azeotropic mixture. <br> A and B forms non-ideal solution showing positive deviation. Boiling point of pure A and B is 350 K and 380 K respectively. The solution will bpoil at (approximate)

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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250 K380 K`gt 380 K``lt 350 K`

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question comprehension related to related to add eutrophic mixture and we have to answer the question and non ideal solution definition point of pure and b is 350 and 380 actively the solution will point at approximately pat3 non ideal solution and the mixture of A and B will for positive deviation mixture which shows positive deviation will be a

minimum boiling at your that mean the solution boiling point will be less than Bhoot Salim enforcement the boiling point of A and B are 50 and 300 that's why the following point of the mixture boiling point of a solution drinking less than 50 Batman's option quote in the correct option understand the question thank you

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