Complete the reaction : C2H5I=C2H5OC2H5+NaI


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question complete the reaction ethyl iodide convert into diethyl Ether + sodium iodide it is the preparation of ether 22 we can convert if only diet has given Patel suicide product is Sodium iodide is also given so it is the reaction between ethyl iodide and sodium ethanoate will give this diethyl Ether and sodium iodide in name of this reaction is Williamson Ether synthesis Williamson synthesis for Ether synthesis everyone will became write simply t285 iodide to molecule on treated with silver oxide be obtained after 5285 in
sodium silver iodide but as the second product is also mention here which is Sodium iodide are not going through this is only one given so we use Sodium ethanoate and this is Williamson Ether synthesis of Williamson synthesis and not use this one only ethyl iodide to diethyl Ether choose any of them but at that product is mention so for this we use only

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